My First Professional Developing Experience

During my time going through Lambda Labs I worked on a free open-source education platform called Reach LMS. I love the purpose of the site, because anyone from any demographic has the opportunity to develop new and enhance existing skills. I worked solely on the backend and I truly learned a lot from the colleagues I worked with. It’s always informative and just fun to see how others think through and solve problems. I was very nervous going into labs, due to not having the best team experiences in build weeks, however I was happily surprised by how well my team worked together. We had great communication, and we all brought valuable traits to the table.

Throughout this project my team ran into a multitude of issues. We were able to resolve them through teamwork and I’m extremely happy with the result of our project. After me and another teammate deployed the backend, the frontend discovered a few issues that we had to work through. For example, when they tried to edit an existing course, they would get an error stating there isn’t a course with that id, the reason being in the backend we were setting the course id to a module id. This was a simple fix but it took a while to discover the root of the issue.

I’m extremely happy with the current state of Reach LMS. We have laid the groundwork for future teams to make a really solid and useful application. The backend is able to handle quite a lot of functionality, so the next team really shouldn’t need to mess with it, depending on what features release 3 and 4 will have. We have the functionality for an admin to create a program and assign students and teachers to that program, to create associated courses and modules, and to edit and delete them as necessary.

Future implementations of this product could include a calendar so users can track the events they need to attend, as well as the assignments they need to finish. We don’t have the functionality to add assignments or quizzes which would definitely be a necessity for any education platform. It may be a little tricky to add that functionality due to us designing the backend without that in mind. We tried to make it scalable and easy to add to, but we don’t know for sure how easy that will be. This project has provided me with skills I will use for the rest of my career. I have learned so much about the nature of relationships between tables and how to properly dissect them.